Will a Patella Knee Brace Work For Me?

This is a common question for those who have not used a patella knee brace before.

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Firstly, if you have been shown how to tape your patella by a physical therapist and you found this to be of benefit, it is extremely likely that a brace will work for you. Patella knee braces are often used by people who have tried taping but have developed skin irritation or just got tired of the endless application of more tape. Tape has also been shown to gradually stretch over time making it less effective and as a separate issue, continuous taping also gets expensive.

Secondly, patellofemoral pain is often caused by muscle imbalance issues. These generally respond well to a tailored exercise program following a thorough assessment by a sports physician or physical therapist. Unfortunately, these exercise programs tend to take a minimum of 6 weeks to be effective. Many people are unhappy to wait this long for symptomatic relief and use a patella knee brace to decrease their pain while they work on their quadriceps.

Patella knee braces are are a safe and effective treatment and have many advantages over taping in the medium to long term. If you are unsure if a brace is suitable for you, discuss it with your chosen health care professional.

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