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Dr. Rod Johnston, DDS

Rod Johnston

I do love going to the clinic each day for several reasons. First, the morning greeting to each of the team members who are always cheerful, then the socializing with each of the clients that we have during the day. I look forward to the stories that we hear each day,and of course the one liners. Each one of our team members is a comedian, and when it comes to clever one liners, no one is safe. It always amazes me how one person will make a funny comment, only to be topped by the next one, and that gets added to by another staff person. Every day has many laughs for each of us.

I also enjoy the art of dentistry, making people look their best, and getting them to care for my artwork. I also love to see the changes that they undergo once we improve their smiles and their oral health.

I am very lucky to love my profession, and to be able to share that enthusiasm with my dream team, and our clients. With the modern materials and tools that are available, this is a wonderful time to be a dentist, and every day is special.

Brittany Karn, Level II Dental Assistant

Brittany Karn

I enjoy coming into work every day as it is always a new experience. Since graduating from assisting I have been able to help others in a capacity beyond my expectations and loving every minute of it. I love keeping busy, and with the constant flow of new technology I gain valuable knowledge that helps me assist all our patients with many different needs. I especially enjoy the team I have the privilege of working with and our “Girl’s road trips” from overnight luxury spa days to shopping trips.

Donna Valiquette, CDR

Donna Valiquette

My favorite thing about working in this industry are the people, hands down. I never get tired of being there to greet all of you when you arrive or to bid you a “great day” on your way out after an appointment. Even if you have a phobia, we make sure that you are as comfortable as possible because here at Dynamic Dentistry, we strive to make each visit a positive and stress free one. Every day is a new learning experience, with new challenges, a chance to grow and after all is said and done, I think that I have the greatest job in the world and would not change a thing. Oh! And you know what they say…strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet. Keep smiling!

Jasmine Marietti, Registered Dental Hygienist

Jasmine Marrietti

I graduated in 1990 from the Dental Hygiene department and I am still passionate about my work. Every client and situation is different, therefore you will always be treated as an individual. I really do care about your oral health, and I am always excited to educate my patients about the latest technology which not only makes my job easier, but definitely produces wonderful results. When it comes to improving your oral health, I am always willing to help you make a noticeable difference. I look forward to seeing YOU!

Kim Quirt, Level II Dental Assistant

Kim Quirt

I find it personally rewarding to be part of such a talented, experienced dental team. I love the variety of dental procedures that I assist for, including all implant surgery and placement of finished crowns and bridges, as well as the simple day-to-day procedures. After 30 years I still love hearing “Thanks for my beautiful smile”.

Laura White, Registered Dental Hygienist

Laura White

I am thrilled to be working as a clinical hygienist in my hometown! I have been practicing for over 20 years and thoroughly enjoy my days working with Dr. Johnston and the girls here! Every day I look forward to having the opportunity to spend time with each of my patients in a relaxed atmosphere while delivering optimal care through the use of up to date equipment including intra-oral cameras, digital X-rays and even laser treatments! If you are visiting North Bay, please drop by and check our our dental hygiene department; Jasmine and I would enjoy meeting with you!

Kelly Price, Dental and Businesses Assistant


I was born in Brighton, England and now live in North Bay with my husband Nick, and my daughter Anna. With over 20 years of dental assisting, treatment coordinator and reception experience I have become very comfortable in this ever evolving and challenging industry. What I love most about this field are the amazing relationships that are built with not only the dental team, but also with the clients. I feel very lucky to be part of this dynamic team.

Tanya Plamondon, Registered Dental Hygienist

Tanya Plamondon

Tanya has actually been working part-time with us for well over a year now. Her bubbly personality and professionalism has made it easy for her to build a great rapport with everyone - especially our patients. She and her husband are raising 2 beautiful little girls and live in North Bay.

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