Where decades of experience meet the latest in technology, that's where you'll find Dynamic Dentistry provided by Dr. Rod Johnston! Serving the North Bay area for over twenty-five years, Dr. Johnston and his friendly team are passionate about giving you your best smile possible.

At Dynamic Dentistry, we treat all patients like family and friends. We get to know you and your smile, encouraging open communication. We will never perform any procedure without fully explaining it and ensuring patient comfort. We offer detailed video education for all treatments, because patient education is one of our top priorities.

Passionate about his work, Dr. Johnston uses the latest technology to provide smile makeovers, and has changed many lives. Dr. Rod Johnston and the Dynamic Dentistry Team provide the best treatment around! Come see us today.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Patients can relax while listening to music

Music is offered to those having dental work done in any of our treatment rooms. We now have progressed from small, compact CD players in each operatory to the IPOD so that clients can "zone out" during their dental treatment! Many clients report that procedures seem to take less time when they are listening to their favorite types of music! Of course clients are welcome to bring their own if they wish. Just another way we try to make the dental experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible!